Michael Papapanagiotou

Right at your side since 1978

At the year 1978 agronomist Mihalis Papapanagiotoy establishes in Serres the Center of Agricultural Supplies. His goal is to provide every farmer with the highest quality of scientific support in Serres and Northern Greece. His company’s vision is to gain the trust of every Greek producer with upmost respect to their toils and their struggles and to be the leader in the agricultural economics science field by offering state of the art solutions in every issue.

The company’s main values

Admiration of the Greek soil and it’s sustainability with the main goal to protect the environment and the ecosystems that thrive in it.
Dedication and honesty when it comes to rewarding the farmers.
Faith in the principle that agronomists teach the exploitation of the land and not of man.

From it’s very first moment of existence, M. Papapanagiotoy’s brand:

  • Invested in a two-way communication relationship with the Greek producer.
  • Organized and established meetings in every corner of the Serres area in order to get closer to the farmers and their issues and to provide them with the best solutions. These acts were the stigma of development and prospecting in Greek Agriculture.

M. Papapanagiotou’s best assets:


His excellent scientific know-how.


The constant monitoring of development.


His market knowledge and skills.


Collaboration with the market’s leaders.

Continuous communication of the company’s scientists with the producers led to his name being recognized as the epitome of agricultural growth and the leading force of the market of over 5 decades.

The strategic advantage of the company is the work force which consists today of 25 people working full time and 12 Agricultural scientists who counsel the farmer and make sure that his income is secured.
Working hard on personal working relationships with the producers combined with actual field yields, the farmers trust M. Papapanagiotou’s brand to be their closest ally that cultivates their interest. The bond that holds this relationship close is the expert sales team of the company who are every day at the side of the producer, suggesting and informing them about new products and new solutions. This way a large network of wholesale and retail customers is built and it guarantees the sustainability and development of the company, the progress of the employees’ careers and securing the agricultural income.

Specifically, our network of customers consists of more than 100 wholesale customers and more than 2000 retail customers in the Serres Municipal area only.

The company is managed by a highly organized financial firm staffed by economists, chartered accountants and administrative staff headed by Anna Papapanagiotou.

The company is continuously invested in:


The modernization of the production chain.


The renewal of software support mechanisms.


The adoption of total quality practices by obtaining ISO certificates.


The constant scientific lifelong training of its staff, being essentially an ideal nursery of scientists and collaborators with rich and modern knowledge and valuable experience.

At the same time, following a strategy of horizontal integration, the company has been active in recent years in seed production, providing a number of alternatives in the field. This also is true for the field of hygiene and protection with disinfestations, disinfections and rodenticides, serving a wide clientele which varies from homes to businesses and health facilities.

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